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Hello!  I am wondering if you still have kickingmycancer bookmarked?

A quick note to tell you that I am doing great!

I recently had some friends ask if my site was up and running, which, no it was not because I let it expire.  Too many people being diagnosed with breast cancer so I decided to renew it and fortunately wordpress hangs onto the data just in case!

It has been over two years since my diagnosis and about a year and a half since I finished treatment.

I am now nine months into nutrition school at Bauman College which I love immensely.  I intend to blog about the Eating For Health model designed by Dr. Ed Bauman, my school’s founder in coming months.  The focus is whole foods and plant-based (which does not necessarily mean vegetarian/vegan).  The program acknowledges that all bodies are unique and that there is no “right” diet for everyone.  Diet Direction refers to meal planning based on certain percentages of macronutrients.  The three diet directions are cleansing, balancing, and building.  So based upon specific goals one can be following a diet direction with varying percentages of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.  The school is amazing and I am learning a ton about meal planning, digestive physiology, macro- and micronutrients, in addition to therapeutic uses and properties of herbs and whole foods.

I recently summited Mount Shasta with three girlfriends.  An epic milestone!

I hope you are enjoying life, setting goals, and achieving them!!


Chilling near the Summit

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9 thoughts on “Nutrition School

  1. Darlene on said:

    Good to hear from you, Nicole, and that you are doing well. Congratulations on both Mt. Shasta and nutrition school. Years ago I looked at Bauman’s school in Penngrove but couldn’t commit with my other work schedule; I agreed with his approach however. Now, approaching 70, and three plus years past my breast cancer diagnosis (all good!), I’m happy to just work on improving my painting and photography and just putter around with whatever sparks my interest. Love that you have restarted the blog as you were such an inspiration when you cycled down here to the Marin Cancer Center (where I received my treatment). Keep us posted on your activities! You are amazing! Continued health – and wealth in all fronts!

  2. Mary and Sherif on said:

    You continue to inspire and amaze us, Nicole. We are so proud of you and very glad that you are part of the Nada family. Here’s to setting and achieving healthy goals!

  3. Melissa Kraemer on said:

    Awesome Nicole!!

  4. Mazel Tov and keep up the sharing when you can, since it is informative and helpful, as well as inspiring!

  5. ildiko pataki-jackovics on said:

    Dear Nicole,
    Great to hear from you! I am so happy you are healthy and well. Congratulation on your Mt. Shasta climb! Awesome! :)

    …and Morzsi who will never forget those fantastic hikes and beach outings with you.

  6. Wonderful to hear all this!

  7. Bonnie Etz on said:

    So good to hear what you’re up to , Nicole. Your spirit continues to inspire and encourage the rest of us to keep striving for health and joyful life.
    Big hug from Bonnie at the Project

  8. Hi Nicole so pleased to read this blog this year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March this year and after lumpectomy and radiotherapy I am now 2 mths in to taking the hormone therapy – Anastrozole tab andtoday researching foods to help me battle against another post menopause and my body lacking the oestrogen for 5 yrs, I relly don’t want to age yet!!

    • Darlene Miettunen on said:

      Don’t have your page bookmarked but appreciate emails like this to point me to your site and keep up with how and what you are doing. Helps all of us. Nutrition such a big factor. Thanks.


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